Our Story

It’s been a decade of nostalgia and yet hard to forget the fresh grounded spices of the street markets, those aromatic flavours of old Delhi dishes and the endless whistles of the pressure cooker. Our love for food and passion for the right flavours encouraged us to present Indian Roots, a brand with a vision to create lasting memories through great food and people.

While Ron comes from a family with a passionate Grandad who would slow cook food for hours making sure it’s well done while his parents were busy at work, he learnt cooking hacks at a very young age, he knew what flavour is missing before you’d even get the taste! On the other hand, I grew up in a humble home where the mother invested her heart and soul into the food she cooked, spending all day in the kitchen making sure the three meals of the day are delicious and cooked with immense love while the father was a great host making sure the guests feel welcomed with the ambiance.

Indian Roots is an amalgamation of us, it’s a Love Story 💞

Ron & Kiah